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Muscle Health

Muscle is the most abundant tissue in the body, accounting for 40-50% of the overall mass of the average human being. Muscle health is critical to our overall health, above and beyond its obvious function for movement and strength. Skeletal and cardiac muscle tissue also play a critical role in metabolic regulation, inflammation and regeneration, and human growth, among others. Muscle’s physiological role impacts multiple organ systems with a complex network of connections and feedback loops.

At Edgewise, we’re applying our knowledge of muscle at a systemic, whole-body level to develop drugs for rare disorders in muscle function. Despite decades of research, development of therapies for rare muscle diseases have yet to provide effective treatments that dramatically impact conditions such as Duchenne, Becker and Limb-Girdle muscular dystrophy. With our novel drug discovery platform, and our combined expertise in muscle physiology and small molecule drug design, Edgewise Therapeutics is working to change the future.

Edgewise is currently focused on developing novel therapies for genetically characterized muscle disorders

Our development pipeline is moving forward to include therapies to address muscle spasticity disorders, neuromuscular metabolic disorder, and other disorders in muscle function.


Our pipeline